Dental Implants

you have decided to have your tooth or teeth replaced with a dental implant.

You may be a little tentative or hesitant to complete your treatment, as this is a surgical procedure. After your treatment is completed, what can you expect?

Just so you know, dental anxiety is completely normal and natural. The Doctor will do everything in their power to lessen this anxiety prior to your appointment. The best way to lessen this anxiety is probably to ask whatever questions are on your mind.

Once your anxiety has been lessened and you get through your dental implant surgery, what can be expected in your post-operative period? The most common answers to this question are pain and swelling. But, how much and for how long?

Dental implant surgery should result in very little of these. A common misconception is that your bone will hurt from having your dental implant placed into it. This is untrue. Bone, in and of itself, has no feeling. Only the outer layer covering the bone, or the periosteum, and the gums have the ability to feel any pain.

what to expect with dental implant surgery

The amount of post-operative pain that will be encountered is dependant on the amount of manipulation that is encountered with the gums and periosteum during surgery. With newer, less invasive surgical procedures, this keeps this to a minimum. Most patients are able to manage this pain with just over the counter medications. This will be discussed in detail with you at your pre-operative appointment.

The swelling that can be expected post-operatively is also correlated to the amount of manipulation that is encountered to the periosteum and the gums during surgery. Once again, due to less invasive surgical procedures the amount of manipulation on both of these will be lessened. By lessening the manipulation, it will also lessen the amount of post-operative swelling.

The amount of post-operative swelling that is encountered by most patients can usually be managed by over the counter medications. This, as well, will be discussed with you at your pre-operative appointment.

If there is pain or swelling that is more than is to be expected, this is not to cause alarm. Some patients react differently do surgical procedures. Either one of these can be managed very easily by prescription medications that the Doctor feels is appropriate.

In all, one should not feel hesitant to have dental implant surgery due to fear of pain or swelling. Both of these should be minimal and what you do encounter should be able to be managed easily.

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